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AHRC Launches Its Referral and Information Center or “RIC”

AHRC’s Referral and Information Center (also known as “RIC“) was launched in August 2011. This new resource simplifies the ways by which the agency introduces individuals and families to its programs and offers one central resource for all information to be provided to families and professionals. 

RIC staff will be the starting point of contact for individuals interested in AHRC programs. When families or professionals reach out directly to programs of departments, they will be welcomed to AHRC and then transferred to the RIC for the initial referral and information processing. Based on an individual’s needs and interests, RIC staff will introduce families and professionals referring individuals tothe full array of services that AHRC has to offer to new individuals, as well as to those already being served who seek additional services. 

This will provide families, professionals and AHRC staff with:

- one resource for information regarding AHRC services and supports

- one contact number for all referrals

- a simplified application process: basic information (ex: demographics, service needs, evaluations) will only be requested once and shared between appropriate departments

- expert knowledge of services available throughout AHRC, not only those services known to individual departments

AHRC’s RIC staff include: Hernan Amorini, Carmen Arlequin, Onome EdemirukayeNudedrose Guirand, Luis Martinez and Raquel Almonte.  Having all been with the agency for several years, some more than a decade, each member of the RIC is knowledgeable about the array of programs and services offered by AHRC NYC, and able to assist parents/caretakers and individuals in the with efficiency and professionalism.   

The Main RIC Phone Numbers are 212-780-4491 and 4493. There is a recorded announcement when staff are unavailable to answer calls. Referrals can also be sent to


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